keeping myself entertained

Today was a day of leisure. I slept in and waited til the afternoon to do my 35 min run. I am finally starting to feel recovered from my races. Two in just three days is more than I am used to but I'm glad that I was able to run Liege even though it was last minute. The rest of the morning was spent reading and drinking some coffee (expresso).

After breakfast, I washed my clothes and put them out to dry. (I have never used a clothesline before but think that I may try to start at some point). After I set up my clothes, I was chatting with my girlfriend, Anne, and mentioned the clothesline. She reads these design blogs and told me that it reminded her of something that might be posted in them. As a joke, I decided to take a photo that might appear in one of these blogs. Very artsy, no? She was happy to let me know: I failed.
Why do I include this, one might ask? Well, I feel that it displays the length that elite runners go to keep themselves entertained without wasting energy doing 'more active' activities.

Anyway, back to business. I went out for my run doing my usual loop around the city wall and then decided to head down a few streets that I haven't yet explored. I got a little lost and ended up in a garden just beyond the street I was supposed to turn onto to get back to the house. Wasn't too big of a deal though because it only caused me to run about 5 minutes extra. Tomorrow I will work out at the track - most likely a decent amount of volume and some strides.

Soaking up the last bit of time I am on the European mainland before heading to the Emerald Isle next week!

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Lise said...

bumbi!!! yayayayayayayayayayayayayaya. i like the blog. now i can stalk you.